Primum Corpus

I have a new motto!

“Primum Corpus”

It means “start with the body” in Latin.

I was at a write-in for Nanowrimo today (what’s that, you ask? NAtional NOvel WRIting  MOnth). About half a dozen folks with laptops and a few rubber duckies met at a tea shop in Ballard to spend two hours working on their individual manuscripts. I’m working on the second book in the Morelli Private Inquiries series!

One of the people said that he tells people to “start with the body” as a plotting device and I agreed that it was important in mysteries. And I felt that it should be in Latin, too. So I opened a translate program and entered the phrase and Voila!

Primum Corpus

I feel like I should get it embroidered on a patch.

The funny thing is that when I started to write this second book, I had an idea about who the dead body in the first chapter was going to be. I set the scene and wrote him up to the point where he’s in a dark room (the electricity is out) and I’m expecting him to be shot. But low and behold, as I was writing away, he tripped over a dead body in the dark. I sure didn’t expect that. But I went with it. He managed to turn on a light somewhere else and find out who was killed (but I’m not telling). That’s how my stories go when they are working. The characters take on a life (or death) of their own.